Bed Takeover

What humans? It’s not time to wake up yet.  Wait… you HAD to wake up because I kind of shoved you off the bed? Oh well, pugs to be you.  Don’t forget to participate in my PawPack Giveaway by commenting on the post here. We’re running the contest until Aug.1st and the randomized winner will [...]

paw pack

PawPack- Review & Giveaway!

Something for the summer It’s summer time and my walks have been shorter than ever. I find myself panting more and more, which scares mama and makes her want to keep me at the house so that I don’t turn into a Tennessee fried pug. This all brings me to today, when I was laying around [...]

Sunday Tongue-Day!

Sunday Tongue-Day 7/20/2014

There is so much more where this came from! It’s full on summer in Nashville and my walks are getting shorter. It’s easier for me to bark at people form the patio than to actually go out there in the real world and try to fight with the grass, pebble, other dogs’ poop, and … [...]

Coconut chips

How your dog can benefit from natural coconut oil

Dogs and Coconut Oil Coconut oil for dogs (and people) is often called a miracle in a jar. “Virgin” (or unrefined) coconut oil helps to support and maintain overall health in both humans and dogs. Coconut oil contains Lauric acid, which is a medium chain fatty acid that is also found in mother’s milk. Lauric [...]


Can it be 4th of July again?

  I have no idea why humans choose to drink special drinks, enjoy the sunshine and eat LOTS of BBQ on one day known as the 4th of July. Why not celebrate America and feed your pug yummy treats every day? Sounds like a plan to me!

Dog looking at vegetables

Broccoli Dog Treat Recipe

Ingredients: – 1 pound lean meat (chicken or turkey) – 2 cups brown rice – 1 cup carrots – ½ cup of chicken stock – ¼ pound broccoli Instructions: – After steaming the vegetables, you want to add all of it including the cooked rice into a food processor. – Mix in the chicken stock. [...]