October PawPack Review

My October PawPack came filled with many kinds of goodies.  My greedy pug eyes could hardly control myself. I could smell the Whole Life Freeze-Dried Pure Beef Livers as soon as the box was opened. I was also taken aback by the variety of items included in this order. Honestly, I usually like the orders [...]


Smelly Passenger

I’m being accused of making the car smelly. Have you ever seen a passenger cuter than me? Look at me- what makes her think this is possible? 


Resting Pug

The dog days of summer are gone. Now we’re back to using humans as pillows. Welcome, fall!   


Pug on Drugs

In the name of teeth cleaning, they drug you up, take absolutely advantage of you (intruding my mouth!) and then take funny pictures of you while you act silly from the medication. If this is not enough reason for the pug police to investigate this situation further, WHAT IS? Thank goodness I love my vet [...]


September PawPack Review

Weight does not equal Quantity or Quality! My September PawPack came packed with more treats than I expected. Initially, I was a little sad because when the humans got the PawPack from the mail, it felt a little lighter than the last time I got it. I panicked inside as my mom slowly opened the [...]

Bunk tongue

National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day everyone! I hope everyone out there has had the opportunity to give their furry friend a huge squeeze and cuddle. Even if you don’t have a dog of your own, find a way to get access to a dog. In fact, I think it’s the law.