About Us

BunkBlog started off as a blog that discussed the shenanigans of a black pug named Bunk. Bunk The Pug was born on April 11, 2011 and has been the highlight of our lives ever since the day we got him from his breeder. He consumes all our time, eats at our table, cuddles with us when we’re sad and sleeps with us on our bed. Since he melted our heart on a daily basis, we wanted to spread the joy by sharing his daily clownish activities with the rest of the world. We sometimes write about his adventures but for the most part Wordless Wednesdays, Sunday Tongue-Days and his Picture Blog capture his absurdness.

Over the years, we have made many valuable blogger friends who send us birthday cards, Christmas cookies and a little too much love! In fact, it has now gotten to the point where Bunk gets way more mail than we do!

As Bunk grew from the eight-pound puppy we bought to the handsome fifteen-pound pug that he is today, we realized there were so many things about dogs that we wish we had known when we first got him. We also found ourselves researching random questions about other dog breeds, what kind of food are safe and unsafe for dogs (since Bunk tries to eat everything!) and dog training information. This is when we decided to start to write articles about any information that we were researching for our fellow readers in the dog community.

Today, our mission is to be the number one resource for dog owners, dog lovers and anyone else out there that wants to know about dogs. Of course, we hold a special place in our heart for pugs but we are in the process of writing extensive, elaborate, high-quality informative articles that dog lovers worldwide can refer to as they chose the best dog for their household and make the best decisions for their pooch.

We are already the number one resource for people to refer to as they make food choices for their dogs since we have written extensive articles about what human foods dogs can and cannot eat. We are in the process of adding a high-quality dog breed selector to our website. We also do product reviews and keep the dog community updated on recent trends and news. Moreover, we currently do at least one product review and giveaway each month! Additionally, we love to find new ways to make our site interactive for our readers and users.

As we are rapidly expanding, we plan on adding informative articles and even videos about dog training as well. If this interests you, please consider writing for us and email us your thought!