Bunk the Pug and the Curly Tailed Disasters Part #1


I am so excited about my new band, Bunk the Pug and the Curly Tailed Disasters. We are going to be big! It all started a couple of days ago at the Bark-O-Lounge when Beetle Juice and I were talking about our musical inspirations. I told her that Glen Phlegm and the Hock-a-Loogies were my main influence, and ever since I heard their first album, Snot a Problem, I wanted to be the lead singer in a band. I told Beetle Juice that at that moment I felt like the Pug Gods shone a light down on my little pug butt and communicated to me that my mission in life was to become the greatest pug rock star on earth. She asked me why I wanted to sing. I told that I didn’t choose singing, singing chose me.


This definitely lit a spark under her butt, because the next thing I knew she was telling me that she wanted to join me. I asked her what she instrument she played and she said percussion and back-up snorting, which is great because I feel like back-up snorting is really what’s missing from a lot of today’s music.

395316_10151063489922374_602457834_nBeetle Juice in her Rock Star get-up!

We were so excited about becoming pug rock stars that instead of spending the day chasing our tails and growling at the poodles, we put our wrinkles together and began thinking of songs. Creativity is such a magical thing, because on that afternoon ideas were shooting out of our butts like rocket ships headed for Uranus.

The only problem was that there was only two of us, and we both feel that duo bands are a little lame. Luckily we both have a lot of connections.

Before going to the Bark-O-Lounge, I used to sing at the local dog parks for leftover kibble. During that time I met a lot of really talented dogs with whom I have stayed in close contact. Beetle Juice said she has deep connection in the underground scene, which is really exciting because that’s where a lot of the raw talent comes from.

Oh pug, I can’t wait to get started.


  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    JUST what Blogville NEEDS fur all of our SPECIAL Occasions. THIS is very much exciting news Bunk!!!
    Can’t WAIT fur your furst pawformance!!!

  2. Bunk, I can’t wait until I see your smiling face on the billboards!

    If you need a drummer, our black pug, Audi, would love to join this awesome band.

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