Idiotic Friday- Bunk The Pug and the Curly Tailed Disasters Part#2


IMG_0175Having a really hard time finding bandmates to join my band Bunk The Pug and the Curly Tailed Disasters! Want in? 


  1. Punk….this is your lucky day… dad is big into didgeridoos and he has taught me…..we even found a German punk rock band that uses the “didge’. What ya think?

  2. Susie and Sidebite on

    Well not sure if we qualify, we just sing with the weekly tornado siren test and with the coyotes to our south some evenings.

    The Mad Scots

  3. You got the music in you Bunk…not so sure I do…I’m a great dancer but I haven’t gotten into singing yet…BTW, yes I have done some pretty extreme hiking…a few over 10 miles (only in Winter) and one that took two whole days, was all bushwhacking through swamps and pastures (no trails and hip deep water in places…i had to swim) and it ended in a night time boat ride…that one was epic

  4. Oh yeah!! Will you take a large, furry, rather loud AireChick?! We Airedales DO get curly tails if they’re not docked…does that count? BOL
    LOVE the pic Bunk….your true ‘punk’ is showin’!!

  5. Let’s rock out Dude! I have my red bandanna and I can play the drums. Hey wanna get some tats too? We’ll blow the bark off the trees! Chloe says she’s in too for vocal and has her tambarkine ready to go!

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