Idiotic Friday- Bunk The Pug and the Curly Tailed Disasters Part#3


Rated-PG (Puggin’ Gross)


My name is Bunk the Pug and I smell like an armpit,

I’ll pee on your couch then poop on your carpet

Beetle Juice

They call me Beetle Juice and I’m a real mean bitch,

When you scratch my right there I begin to twitch


Hey Beetle Juice did you hear the news,

I just tore up a pair of brand new shoes

Beetle Juice

That’s nothing Bunk because I’ve done worse,

I just took a poop in an expensive purse


Well Beetle Juice it’s what you had to do,

Every time I fart I clear the room

Beetle Juice

What are you eating to have such gas,

You need a warning label on the back of your ass


If I had balls you’d be the first I’d hump,

I’ll do the next best thing and take a huge dump

Beetle Juice

If you weren’t my friend I’d hit you in the lip,

In the meantime Bunk can I eat your shit?


Beetle Juice you and I have similar tastes,

When you are finished be sure to lick a face





  1. OMD! Momz had to pick herself up off the floor she’s laughing so hard…Give it a beat and some bass and you’ve got a righteous rap going there Bunk & Beetlejuice

  2. OMD!!! I am BARKIN’ OUT LOUD!!!! That is sooo funny guys!
    I loves poetry slams!! The bestest are the battles….this is one for the record books!

  3. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning on

    As we watch our humans sit here glued to the boob tube waiting for that bad guy to be apprehended, we are all hooting and howling over your great lyrics.


    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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