Inside the Mind of a Baby Pug


Inside the Mind of a Baby Pug

Bunk the pug

Baby Pugs have it the worst. Today started off being a not-so-good day. I usually get fed at 6:00 a.m. Today was a Saturday and the humans decided to sleep in. Now if you’re a cute baby Pug like me, you know we take meal times very seriously. No really- very, very seriously. It is my favorite, most-liked, most-wanted and most-sought after activity. Anyway, so they fed me 2 hours late. I almost thought they forgot me. My stomach was growling and I was howling but there was no noise coming out of the bedroom. Finally, I saw one of the humans coming out of the bedroom and towards my crate. Man, was that a relief! I jumped up and down, and round and round to show him I needed my food. Ok, a little bit of it was also because I get really excited when I see the humans. They are quite nice to be around and love me. 🙂

After I was fed, I went out to pee and poo. I know no one wants to hear my potty stories, but let me tell you one anyways. I have been kind of annoyed with peeing lately. I always go do #1 on a turf of grass in front of the apartment. Lately, there has been some other dog’s poop just hanging out there because their mean owners did not pick up after them. What does this mean for me? Well my peeing spot is only half of what it used to be before because the humans say it is not good to sniff or step on other dog’s poop. I would absolutely love it if the humans would go around and take pics of all of the dogs who poop on the grass and hand them into the police so they can be arrested.

Once we got back from outside, I played with the humans for a while. Then I was put back in the crate, which is something I am never a big fan of. I am a Black Pug, and unlike other dogs, Black Pugs need freedom. I am told I better start getting to like my crate since I am not potty trained yet, but I don’t really like it yet. I have been a little more comfortable going in there lately because one of the humans put one of his t-shirts there. The humans have also tried putting a Kong toy with peanut butter and some of my chew toys in there. I remember when I was so scared of stepping near the crate (when I was 15 weeks old). That seems like it was such a long time ago. Now I can step in, get my toys and quickly jump out! I am a big boy after all- the entire 17 weeks old.

As I was in the crate, I almost went into panic mode for 15 minutes because I was not getting attention. The human was not being able to find her car keys and so the humans were looking for them. I felt bad for her but I was not sure if I wanted them to find the keys. Finding the keys would mean they would leave me in the crate and go out. I have serious separation anxiety. I feel it when I am in the crate and the humans are sitting on the couch 5 feet away. So you must understand that when they go out I don’t like being 1,00,000,000,000 feet away from them. I like describing distance in feet. You see, I am too small of a pug puppy to think in miles. No siree! None of that miles and kilometers junk here.

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