Little Black Pug Saves the Day


Little Black Pug Saves the Day

I feel really good about myself right now. It’s early in the morning and the humans are happily out of the house doing whatever it is they do during the day -all thanks to me 🙂 You see, I’m the kind of pug puppy that likes to -no needs to- help those around me. Last night when the humans got home I could tell there was something wrong. Usually when they come home they eat food, watch TV, and wrestle around with each other. However, last night was different: once they walked in the door it was nothing but loud noise and crying. Even though I was in my crate I could see that one of the humans had a big wound on her leg. I had to do something! See, I just turned five months old a few days ago, and now that I’m getting older and not a little baby pug anymore, I feel that it is my responsibility to take care of others.

A Pug is the Best Medicine

After about fives minutes of the human’s inept attempts at mending the wounded knee by applying things like ointment and band aids (those thing never work for cuts and scrapes because they fall off once you start licking and picking at them) I decided to step up my game. After a ten minute barking session, one of the humans finally let me out of my crate so that I could come to the rescue and work my little pug healing abilities. As I ran up to the injured human, I realized that in order to be effective I needed to have both my mind and body completely clear, so quickly pooped on the carpet and ran into action.

black pug tongue

Of course, the humans being ungrateful as they usually are got angry at me and took me outside. Don’t get me wrong, like any other red-blooded American Pug and love going outside, but this was not the time for fun and games; there was a human inside who needed my help and I needed to get to it!

Pug Licks Usually Do the Trick

Once I got back into the house I immediately ran to the injured human and began assessing the problem. Just as I suspected. The human had a big scrape on her knee that required immediate attention. As all Pugs know, the best way to treat an open wound is to lick for about twenty minutes, so I jumped on the hapless human and began licking up that scratch like it was peanut butter on a carrot. It’s funny how pugs know exactly what others need. The human LOVED IT. Before I could get three licks in she pushed me away and began making this horrible high-pitched yell that I guess is the human’s way of expressing joy and ecstasy. Interesting…

Licking had clearly done a great deal of good, but I needed to put on the finishing touches in order to ensure a full recovery. So while the human sat on the couch making the same high-pitched screech as before and covering her wound with her hands to keep my slobber (which is the true source of my healing power) from escaping, I decided that a gentle message was just what she needed. As I ran up to her, she began to push me away like I was some kind of animal. I guess she had too much pride to accept my help. However, I persisted began digging away at the wound with my little pug paws. As I delicately clawed at her leg, driving the pain from her wound, she suddenly shoved me away and ran into the other crying. Geez! This is the thanks I get for trying to help someone? Some people just aren’t appreciative.

No Appreciation for the Pug!

A few minute later I heard sobbing come from the other room. Poor thing must have felt so bad for being rude that it made her cry. Even though I was still a little resentful for her lack of appreciation, I still wanted to make her feel better, so I ran into the room, lunged at her with my cute pug face, and showered her tear-filled eyes with as many kisses I could give. LICK LICK LICK. SMOOCH SMOOCH SMOOCH. I gave her face so many licks it became wet and shinny. I saw that my kisses were doing the trick, so I hurled forward and gave her one last kiss right on the lips. She must have really liked it, because right after I flew headlong into her face for the final smooch, she dropped me on the ground and started crying again. Poor thing just didn’t know how to handle excitement. I wanted to console her a little more, but there was all of this strange red stuff coming from the spot I had just kissed, which I wanted no part of, so I just left the room and figured that my work there was done.

That night, while quietly slipping into a baby pug slumber, I felt a sense of satisfaction for doing something good for the humans. I know that they have never done anything for me, but I still feel like I set an example for all of the other little black pugs out there. So, I know it sounds pretty funny, but just remember that even though the humans are clueless to the wants and needs of us pugs, I say this: do your best to help them out as much as you can. You never know, maybe one of these days they will do something for you in return.


    • You know, they really don’t. Think about where they would be without us -nowhere. They would be sad and alone. Me on the other hand would be just fine without them. Look at me, I could survive in the wild, right?

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