My cuddles don’t cost a thing


I love it when my parents go on vacation. That means that I get to go to the Bark-O-Lounge and spend time with the crew and Beetle Juice! Yes, the infamous Beetle Juice.

BOL1Stacey, the owner, and Beetle Juice

I have been going to the Bark-O-Lounge since I was six months old. My humans got my from my breeder when I was four months old. For the first two months, I has a wonderful dog walker who came by to walk me two times a day. She used to come by our apartment, take me out of my crate, take me out of the crate, walk me around the block, play with me and then put me back in the crate. This is when I was not completely potty trained not that I am now and so my humans wanted to make sure that I was always in the crate. I know some of you might think this is sad and depressing but really it was for my own good. I learned to love my crate and understand that it’s always a good thing when the humans say, “Bunk, go to your crate!” because that means I’m getting a treat. 

Well, since I am more hyper than a regular pug, it was hard for my parents to deal with the fact that I’ll be in a crate all day. This is when they started to look into doggie daycares. We went to EVERY SINGLE daycare in Nashville and were very frustrated by the kinds of facilities we saw. One unnamed facility had only indoor places for doggies to play at and no outdoor spots. Another place has a lady who kept talking to us while a pug had pooped in it’s little kennel and was stepping all over the poop. While we hate being judgemental, my humans found this concerning and refused to take me there. Some of the other daycares we went to smelled like dog diarrhea. No lie!

All that being said, we were VERY tired and extremely broken hearted by the time we went to the Bark-O-Lounge! The Bark-O-Lounge was like an oasis in the middle of a desert. It smelled like flowers, and the ladies who work there are amazing. We play outside all the time except for our nap time for two hours. There’s ALWAYS someone supervising us during our time there, whether it is indoors or outdoors. My mama also LOVES the decor.



You will be amazed at home much dog swagg the owner, Stacey, has accumulated. Of course, my parents EXTRA loved them because Stacey has a pug of her own, Beetle Juice, who is also the queen of BOL.

BOL2A fun day at the Bark-O-Lounge

pug-birthday-hatWe always celebrate my birthday at the Bark-O-Lounge! Year-One!


black pug in pumpkin costumeWe also celebrated Halloween at the Bark-O-Lounge in style!

I have always had a grande time at the Bark-O-Lounge but this week, it was extra special. My mama and papa bought a Living Social deal from an unnamed company for $24. Keep in mind, that is the actual amount paid and the real cost was actually like $50.  The deal stated that is was for a two night boarding stay. When my humans called these guys up, they said that the deal was only for “three business walks a day and the dog spends the rest of the time alone in his room so it would be better to buy an extra package for $50 where the dog will get one extra business walk and two hours of play time”. My mama was really saddened to hear this because I have been boarded multiple times and all the boarding facilities have daycare included in their deal (since that makes sense and is easier). Basically, the lady on the phone stated that we need to pay extra for interactions with living things and for the dog to not stay in the kennel (which they call “apartments”) by themselves all day.

I will be the first to admit that my humans were at fault for “assuming something was included” and it not really being included. I will also be the first to admit that it really is up to a company to include or not include something. All that being said, we will not be going to this place at all. If you live in the Nashville area and want two nights of free boarding, feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly give it away to you. I am too hyper of a dog to stay in a place like this where I’ll be enclosed in a small space. This could work for perhaps an older dog who does not like to socialize much.

All this is to say that Stacey from the Bark-O-Lounge saved the day for us ONE MORE TIME!:) She offered to board me  this weekend so that my humans can go on a fun vacation to the Smoky Mountains. I’m really excited because Stacey’s boarding includes things that you’d never find anywhere else. Of course, we get to play for twelve hours at the boarding. Cuddles, licks, hugs, kisses and  a ridiculous amount of LOVE come with the deal for FREE! Pool time is also FREE for the dogs. If it’s a sunny day, the pool is out and they can be in there for however long their heart pleases, no questions asked and no credit card needed.  Finally, there’s one AMAZING  thing that also happens. If you’re a small ball of cuddles like me,  she might even let you sleep with her! I slept with her, on her bed, right by her neck! YES, friends. That’s how awesome the Bark-O-Lounge is. Sometimes, I wonder why my parents must pick me up. Stacey’s actually my godmother, she just does not know about it. 😉

In conclusion, we learned a few lessons this week. First off, everyone in this area MUST go to the Bark-O-Lounge.  There’s no way around it. They’re simply the best. Second of all, be very careful about deals that you get on social media sites.Some of these might seem like a sweet, cheap option, but if it is not what is best for your dog, it might not be worth getting. My humans will always give the company a call beforehand if it is a deal they are interested in.

Thank you, Stacey and the Bark-O-Lounge for saving the day ONCE AGAIN!


  1. Wow Bunk the Bark-O -Lounge looks like a cool hangout…no wonder you like it so much…Momz agrees that the place where you stay in your “apartment” alone all day sounds more like doggie jail that doggie hotel and we’re glad you won’t be going there Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! That sounds like a totally pawesome place to stay. Momma is super-nervous about the idea of leaving us at a kennel because she doesn’t know how we’ll be treated during the day. Luckily, we’ve been able to stay at Grandma’s house most of the time Momma has to go anywhere, and the other times she’s had someone come stay with us at our house. But if we had a place like BOL near us, she might not be so nervous!

  3. Bark O Lounge sounds like my day care/boarding. They SAY extra walks and stuff costs extra, but they take me on walks and my people have never been charged. Outside play all day is included with boarding and when I get tired of playing, I get to hang out at the front desk with just a couple of other dogs and the office people. I’m more of a people dog anyway. All for free! If my people ever need day care while they’re in Nashville, Mom will definitely call them!

  4. Wow we do not have barkolounges in iowa and that is for sure….mom sure wishes we did cos we could spend some quality time there playing with other doggie while mom is at work!! Thanks for sharing your pictures tho they were great!
    stella rose
    p.s. bunk if you are ever in iowa we would gladly be your barkolounge.
    stella rose

  5. Well that is a super place!!! I wish we had one nearby but I do love my dog sitter plenty. It’s funny because we have a post about ours ready for the end of the month!

  6. Woof! Woof! WOWie PAWSOME. We got lots of those her in Chitown. Mom wishes to built/design a room just for me … Golden Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday n Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Hiya Bunk
    That Bark-O-Lounge sounds like a great place. I wonder if we have anything like that in my town? I am lucky. Usually when My Mommys go out of town my AWESOME Auntie B watches me. She is a little like a drill sargeant with the walks but I love her and she shows me lots of attention.
    Love Noodles

  8. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    WE would like to add OUR own THANK YOU to Miss Stacey fur taking such GOOD care of our FUREND BUNK!!!

  9. Susie and Sidebite on

    So glad you have some place that thinks that much of us poochies, you have like a ton o fun Bunk!

    The Mad Scots

  10. Bunk, that sounds like such a fun weekend! The bark-o-lounge sounds amazing! Have fun with your buddy, Beetle Juice – maybe you guys can work on some songs for your album.


  11. Oh, that is such great news abouts your Bark-O-Lounge!! I’m so glads your gonna have a FABulous weekends there!!
    Sounds like a dream…..

  12. Bark O Lounge looks fab, and the title of this post to great! Our ‘rents never go anywhere because there are so many of us, sign we would love to visit a fun place like Bark O

    urban hounds

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