New Place to Poop


New Place to Poop

Great news everybody, I have found a new place to poop! Last weekend when the humans snatched me away from the house and threw me in the car, I thought for sure that they were driving to Shelbyville to sell me to Rottweilers, but to my surprise they actually took me somewhere cool. It was great I tell you; open fields of delicious grass and water flowing straight from the faucet. It was a place called Warner Park.

Running Puggin’ Wild

When we first arrived, I was a little suspicious of where we were since I saw a bunch of other dogs walking all over the place (the humans know that I only like communicating with other dogs over the internet). However, things changed fast when I found my little black pug face surrounded by grass without any other dogs in sight (finally the humans did something right). Then, the most amazing thing I have ever experienced happened: for whatever reason the humans decided to remove my leash and let me run free! What was going on? Stupid humans were probably trying to play a trick on me, but in the end it was I who had the last laugh. I’m sure they thought I was just going to sit there and beg for my leash to be put back on, but no -I ran and ran and ran! Sure I followed the humans around where ever they went, but that was only because they provide me with food. I know what you are all thinking: “But Bunk, you are so strong and courageous, you could surely catch food on your own.” Of course I could I could easily fend for my self in the wild, but then how would I write my blog? How would I provide all of my fans with delightful tales of eating and pooping? I know the humans are clueless troglodytes, but being the sophisticated cute little pug that I am, I figure that the civilized thing to do is reside with the humans until Jessica Alba comes and rescues me.

Poop is the Best Color

So the day went on and I ran through the open fields with the wind blowing in my face. I was truly happy and had everything I needed: Plenty of places to pee and poop, a copious supply of grass to eat, and crisp water for me to drink. Unfortunately, I was having a little too much fun, and when the humans saw this they immediately picked me up and took me home. However, much to my surprise, I found myself back at the park and in the very same place I was the day before! It was only when I was racing through the shimmering emerald field that I had realized what had happened: I trained the humans! it was so simple, all I had to do was prove to the humans that when off my leash I wouldn’t run away, and in return they would take me to the park and let me run around. Yes, sometimes i surprise even myself. Thus, I now have a new place to poop.


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