Pugs in the Park


Pugs in the Park

Cool Pug

“Give me belly rubs or give me death!”

Two Pugs

“You can sit on his lap as long as I can chew on his pant legs.”

Three Pugs

Combined IQ: Three

Surprised Pug

“How can you love someone like a love song, Selena? That’s right I said it!”

Staring Pug

“Who cares, it has good rhythm …”

Squirmy Pug

“Let me go, I think I left the oven on!”

Silly Pug

“Pull my tongue and see what happens.”

Shiny Pug

“I still can’t believe they killed off Ned Stark in the first season.”

Pug Tongue

“Someone farted, I can taste it!”

Pink Pug

Behind every great man, there’s a pug with a pink t-shirt.

Pug Looking Up

“You said what about food now?”

Butt Sniffing Pug

Sniffing butts -it never gets old

Pug Profile

“Every time you eat poop you get a new wrinkle.”

Patient Pug

“Take that back you son of a pug!”

Paranoid Pug

“Did I just hear the Ice Cream Man?”

Lord Pug

“If only you knew the power of the Dark Side of the pug.”

Happy Pug

“If licking butts is cool, then consider me Miles Davis.”

Handsome Pug

“If looks could kill, I would be an atom bomb!”

Grumpy Pug

“Can’t decide if that weird sound coming from my stomach is my belly growling or the cell phone I ate earlier this morning.”

Fawn Pug

“Excuse me….excuse me…excuse me…I farted.”

Fat Pug

“If you call me a burrito one more time I’m going to poop inside your purse.”

Curious Pug

“Lindsay Lohan has hired me as her attorney…I have NO case.”

Black Pug

“Sorry, but your face looks really delicious right now.”

Angry Pug

” You’re lucky he’s holding me back.”


  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    Butts 2
    Pharrrrrrts 2
    Poops 2
    Pees 0
    I like to keep track of these thingys.

    Hummmmmm you TASTE Pharrrrrts? YOU are BRAVE.

    • Pugs in the park is a riot. Imagine me, a little black pug barely a year old, with all of those fat seasoned veteran pugs! I nearly got trampled 🙂

      • Bons and Bax 's mom Karen on

        Too cute i love all your pictures and the editorials are precious and pugglicious too thanks for making my day!

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