Stuck in the crate


Stuck in the crate

Sleeping in the crate

Lately, I have been finding myself inside my crate without understanding why. It is so strange…Just now for example, I was outside the crate using the humans as chew-toys when one of them suddenly appeared with the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful thing a little baby pug could ever imagine: A CARROT WITH SOME PEANUT BUTTER ON IT! Oh my Dog, just thinking about it makes me want to poop…where was I? Oh yeah, so there is the carrot with peanut butter wedged between one of the dirty human’s fingers. I can see in shinning in the evening night like star glimmering over a mountain top. The excitement was overwhelming  as I saw the carrot with peanut butter come closer to my mouth I began to experience a sensation overload. All control vanished when I found myself with it in my mouth. NOM-NOM-NOM I went as I gnawed away at it with my tiny little teeth.


Soon, the peanut butter began to vanish and the carrot grew smaller, and as I began to scan my surroundings for more treats and possibly some finders to chew on, I realized that I WAS IN MY CRATE! What happened! How did I get here? One minute I was frolicking along, disturbing the humans, and the next I was in my stinking crate. To make matters worse the humans had left. What happened to them? Maybe they experienced something similar and were scared and crying inside a crate themselves…poor humans. It was a difficult situation, but I knew I had to do everything I could, exhaust all resources, utilize all of my capacities in order to get myself out of the crate and back on the carpet (which was where I really wanted to poop), so I did what any sensible pug would do: I cried at the top of my lungs. I cried and I cried and I cried and nobody came to rescue me. Would I be here forever? I have an entire life of eating and pooping to live!

Bunk the pug

I thought that if I cried loud and long enough someone would come and release me from this evil place. But, no one did. Then out of nowhere one of the humans emerged from behind the wall. As it walked by, I sat there expecting it to let me out so I could go chew on some wires and pee behind the carpet, but it just stood there and spoke some random human gibberish about going somewhere called “bed” -whatever that is. Funny how Pugs get ignored…

So here I am, sad and alone with nothing but time to reflect on how I got here in the first place. I’ve got it! I know what I can do to cheer myself up. I’ll just think about that carrot with peanut butter on it and ease into a quiet peace. Mmmmmm…carrot with peanut butter…


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