Thank God it’s Friday…errr not


Thank God it’s Friday…errr not


I don’t really like Fridays. OK, OK I know I said I don’t like Mondays but I don’t like Fridays either. No pug who craves human attention can possibly celebrate weekends! On Fridays the humans always go to happy hour… without Bunk. I know they get beer and appetizers. I wish there was happy hour for dogs. Won’t it be nice to have cheap peanut butter treats and gravy biscuits? Oh yum! I’ll stop thinking about it before I start drooling… wait, I’m already drooling. So anyways, the humans went out with their friends today. I was left alone in my crate for an entire 3 hours! Ridiculous. Who do they think they are, leaving their pug and enjoying the company of other humans? Except the happy hour part, I had a good day actually. One of the humans donated his hat to me today and it’s the best toy I have ever laid my tongue on! It smells like him and sweat, which is all I want in my life. I played tag with it for a long time. In the end the score of our fight was Bunk 1 Hat 0. We played again, and I won again. We played yet again, and I won yet again. Yes, siree! I am a pro when it comes to taking over hats. I can chew them out faster than they can think of a method to escape my baby teeth.

After all this, the humans were tired and were lying down on the ground for a long time. This was great and I jumped on the opportunity. Not literally, I jumped up and ran all the way around them in many circles. Suddenly, I noticed one of the human’s pitch black hair. I could not control my excitement and jumped into it.I had so much fun! It was possibly the best 3 seconds of my life. Or… no it was. Actually, I’m not going to lie. My attention span is that of a goldfish sometimes… many times.

Time to cry to try to get attention and sleep! Good night humans!

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