Weatherman- I eat you!


Weatherman – I Eat You!

Angry Pug

It’s been quite cold here lately, and I have been watching the weather channel for updates. Let me tell you, I have developed some dislike towards the lying weather man! He is lying through his puggin’ canines!

Every other day, he says something to give me hope for horrible weather (which equals to the humans staying home instead of having to go to work) and then the crazy weather never comes.

For example, 2 weeks ago, he said there will be a tornado. Oh my pug, did he make a big deal out of it. It was 2 in the morning and the weather man was sending emergency warnings on my humans’ phones. I was laying peacefully on my human’s thigh, dreaming of kibble and he shattered the dreams. I was still nice about it because I figured there might be a reward in the form of school closures due to extreme weather the next day. NO SIREE (not Siri, I hate her too). Either way, the next day my humans still woke up at 5:45, put me in the puggin’ kitchen and went off to work. Now, if they kept the fridge open while they went to work, I wouldn’t mind but of course, who thinks of the pug.

Next, for the past 2 months, the weatherman has been nagging my pug butt about the snow. Every time I check the iPughone it shows little snowflakes that have come out of the weatherman’s butt. WHERE IS THE SNOW IN NASHVILLE? East Coast, throw some our way, PUH-LEASE, FOR PUG’S SAKE! I have been waiting, and waiting… and waiting. No snow. If you want to call the light snow shower that happened ONE TIME this year snow, then you got some smelly farts coming your way, weatherman!

So there. I said it. The weatherman is full of it and I will make a taxman weatherman song and send it to the Billboards to complain about it.


Oh yeah, happy thought of the day. I am really happy when the vet prescribes me antibiotics. I get to have them in beef flavored pill pockets. 🙂


  1. Oh Bunk
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Our weather person PREVARICATES all the time. . . like today was supposed to be warm! It is like 50 degrees.
    I like your happy thought.
    Love Noodles

  2. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    We DO agree that the Weather Blabbers are big fat liars… sometimes… BUTT… when it comes to SNOW… Be CAREFUL what you ask fur.

  3. Weathermen don’t know what they’re talking about. Whatever he says is coming, just assume the exact opposite. So when he says it’ll be nice and sunny, that’s when you’ll get your bad weather!

  4. Man, Bunk, sounds like the weatherman is playin’ games with you. I was so happy when we got tons of snow last week. But now it’s all melted and sorta mucky outside. I didn’t get my fill of snow yet – I’m hoping we all get some more soon!

    I also like your suggestion about leaving the fridge door open. I don’t even understand why a fridge has a door – why do humans NOT want to stare at (and eat) their goodies all day long?!


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