“What’s that in your mouth?”


“What’s that in your mouth?”


Wanna hear some pug humor?

What did the pug say to the human who asked him what was sticking out of his mouth?

“My tongue!”

Every day the humans take me on a walk, and every day I get harassed about putting things in my mouth. I don’t understand: What’s the point of having a mouth if you’re not allowed to put things in it? Crazy. Like today, we on a walk and I found this really juicy bug that I wanted to put in mouth. I reached down and scooped him up with my giant tongue, and before I could enjoy the lovely sensation of him wiggling around in my mouth one of the humans dug his dirty little fingers in there and pulled the bug out. WHAT GIVES!

I tell you it happens all the time. I eat grass. Bad Bunk. I eat rocks. Bad Bunk! I eat bugs. Bad Bunk! I eat other dog’s poop. Bad Bunk!

It’s never ending I tell you. Well, if they don’t want me to put those things in my mouth, then I won’t put anything in there! I’m going on a hunger strike!

Ok, after some careful consideration I’ve decided that the hunger strike is probably not a good idea given that I’m a pug and we are compelled by our very nature to eat as much food as physically possible. Well, I’ll come up with something, because this battle is far from over and if those humans think they can keep me from sticking things in my mouth forever then they’ve got another thing coming!

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  1. Luna and her humans on

    Hey Bunk,
    It is good to read your blog! I hope you remember us, we met you the other night. I am the very hyper border collie 🙂

    You are a cool pup! 😉

    :mrgreen: Luna! :mrgreen:

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