12 Hilarious Dressed-to-Impress Pugs



Recovering from last night’s kibble binge

looking good

Knitted from the fur of one-thousand albino pugs

pug dumb

Move along folks, nothing to see here…

pug outside

Just realized that brand new sweater might be for human’s sick sense of humor and not to keep my freezing pug-butt warm

pug union jack

Lack of enthusiasm + utter contempt = this nice looking fella


Giddy-up Seabiscuit! We have a race to win!


This sweater is equals as a floatation devise, right?


Getting cold paws on the morning of the big day

ready for take off

Let’s kick the tires and light the fires (but not until we’ve had second breakfast)

sharp looking pug

Hipster pug who got lost on his way to the Patterson House

two pugs

Pugs don’t need to dress as pandas, pandas need to dress as pugs

weird black pug



ET’s lost relative

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