Blog Tip Thursday: Just Start Writing


Blog Tip Thursday: Just Start Writing

The purpose of this new Bunkblog section is to share ideas and tips we have discovered while blogging about our beloved pug, Bunk. After living in California for many years, we packed up our bags and moved to Tennessee for some new adventures. Our first order of business in our new home was to liven it up with a pug, something we had talked about getting for some time.


Bunk is named after a Detective Bunk Moreland  on the HBO show, the Wire, in case you didn’t know, and by all accounts, has lived up to the title. We originally had no intention of starting a blog. We were originally going to start a website called Personality Sphere, which was almost ready to go online when we decided to start a blog about Bunk just for fun. We had no idea what we were doing when we started out, and for our long time readers, it is pretty obvious that Bunkblog has changed dramatically since its inception.

The reason this tip isn’t about anything really specific is because you will not know what your blog is until your at least several months into it. When I began writing the very first Bunkblog post, Inside the Mind of a Baby Pug, I was writing from my own perspective and communicating my own insights about Bunk’s behavior. It wasn’t until later that my girlfriend, the other half of Bunkblog, suggested that I write from Bunk’s perspective. In fact, if you read our very first post, you can see the shift in focus of the writing from silly to insightful.


Needless to say, the idea stuck, and Bunk’s adventures have been a huge hit. However, the original idea for Bunkblog was that the two of us would share writing duties and that we would both write funny stories about Bunk. We soon realized that writing funny stories doesn’t come as naturally to some as it does others, and we were faced with an interesting predicament: My role was established as the funny man with the crazy ideas, how could my girlfriend possibly contribute?

This is where “just start writing” becomes very important. Because PugMoma is gifted in writing about everyday things (e.g. treats, toys, etc.), we decided that reviews and articles would be her department while Bunk’s zany stories would be mine. In fact, PugMoma was incredibly relieved to be relieved of writing about Bunk’s adventures. PugMoma’s mind isn’t as sick as PugDaddy’s, and found great comfort in being able to write about what came naturally.

As our long-time fans know, Bunkblog doesn’t feature as many adventures as it once did, as articles and reviews have taken over a bit. Luckily, PugDaddy is able to find plenty of ways to contribute to Bunkblog, as you will learn in future installments of Blog Tip Tuesday.


  1. Reilly and Denny on

    Our dogs always seem to find their own voices and apparently personalities through their blogs…although maybe it is just our own alter egos letting loose :). Either way..we love all our dog blogging buddies, they make us laugh, smile acid cry when they leave us. We have a huge community spirit and that is what makes it special.

  2. I agree about how the emphasis shifts after a few months. I usually write in my own voice as I’m not always comfortable writing as Toby, though it is fun occasionally. One surprise is the amount of time needed to keep up with all the other blogs I like!

  3. Susie and Sidebite on

    We understand completely, cause at first nobody here knew what to do either, ours finally moved to Susie’s point of view on everything, with Bites commenting, even thought Dad throws in some dumb stuff now and then. Bunks blog has made us laugh and have fun with that Krazy Easter Egg Contest! Looking forward to how you continue to develope.

    The Mad Scots & Dad

  4. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    As you WELL know…. we LOVE Bunk and his adventures. Writing OUR Blog has changed a bit over time… butt it has ALWAYS been MY (Frankie Furter) Blog… than now I am FORCED to share with … you know who. Our mom doesn’t EVEN know how to get ON ..OUR BLOG… and WE want to Keep it that way. NOBUDDY would want to hear stuffs from HER Point of View (POV) beclaws… well, she is BORING.
    We LOVE all of Bunk’s Thoughts and Words. Just Sayin.

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