BunkBlog Easter Egg Hunt Contest – Day 14


Welcome to Day-14 of the BunkBlog Easter Egg Hunt Contest!

Congratulations to Luna, Waffles, and Beetle Juice for winning  a customized dog-tags from Fetch-A-Passion Tags.

Prize for today: 1 custom felted portrait of your animal (dog, cat, whatever animal you like!) by Time Traveler’s Wares.

About Time Traveler’s Wares: This is a shop shoppe specializing in the sale of needle crafted animals and decorative/costume items of the steam punk genre. Ashley loves making new items and special orders are no problem for her. She can make a custom felted portrait of your pooch, kitty,  or of any animal that you like.

This is the picture you are “hunting” for:


Clue for the Day:

Bunk’s Adventures really took a turn for the tasty when he shared about having diarrhea…yikes!

Don’t forget  that Wordless Wednesday, Sunday Tongue-day, Picture Blog, and Adventure posts can all be found by clicking the icons on the right side-bar.

How does the contest work?

  1. Every day, we will put new prizes in multiple spots of the site.
  2. We will give you one hint as to where in our site you can find the prize!
  3. Once you find the prize, write a comment on the page where you find it.
  4. The next day, we will announce a random person (chosen from the pool of comments!) as the winner and move on to the next day’s clue and prize!


  1. You can participate every day, but you can only win once.
  2. Please comment on the specific post on which you find the picture of the prize.
  3. Please make a post on your blog or your facebook page linking to our blog and letting your friends and family know that you are participating so that everyone else can also join in the fun!:)

**If you do choose to participate every single day, we will enter you to win an additional prize. Winners will be announced on March 31, 2012.

Good luck!

Forgot the details of the contest? Here they are!


  1. susieandsidebite on

    OK, 14 for 14. We amost din’t get to commemt Dad was laughing so hard about the poopie stuff, he had tears rolling and then Mom went off. Thanks for sending us to that post, sure made the start to the weekend good!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

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