BunkBlog Easter Egg Hunt Contest – Day 8


Welcome to Day-8 of the BunkBlog Easter Egg Hunt Contest!

Congratulations to the Slimmer Pugs  from Pugs and Purrs for winning 1 pound of Paws Up for Peanut Butter and 1 pound of Growling for Ginger Bread from Bubbas’ Nummies.

Prize for today: 1 reversible doggie treat pouch with handle from Kawaii Sakura.

About Kawaii Sakura: This cute little pouch is perfect for storing your dog’s treats or poop bags when you are out for a walk. You can either slip it nicely over your wrist or just hook it to your pants! 

This is the picture you are “hunting” for:


Clue for the Day:

We all go a little crazy sometimes, and in this adventure, Bunk the Pug is no exception.

How does the contest work?

  1. Every day, we will put new prizes in multiple spots of the site.
  2. We will give you one hint as to where in our site you can find the prize!
  3. Once you find the prize, write a comment on the page where you find it.
  4. The next day, we will announce a random person (chosen from the pool of comments!) as the winner and move on to the next day’s clue and prize!


  1. You can participate every day, but you can only win once.
  2. Please comment on the specific post on which you find the picture of the prize.
  3. Please make a post on your blog or your facebook page linking to our blog and letting your friends and family know that you are participating so that everyone else can also join in the fun!:)

**If you do choose to participate every single day, we will enter you to win an additional prize. Winners will be announced on March 31, 2012.

Good luck!

Forgot the details of the contest? Here they are!


  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    DARN Bunk…. WHERE did you hid this one???? We have looked in all the obvious spots. WHINE WHIMPER…
    THIS one is HARD.

    • Susie and Sidebite on

      Barharhar, we found it, we found it, come on Frankie this was easier then yesterdays!!!!

      The Mad Scots

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