Lord of the Fleas


We’ve read about Bunk’s Halloween adventures throughout the years and know the struggle associated with dressing up the little guys on Halloween.  I mean, my poor little dogs have made cameos as Elvis, a bundle of grapes, and an ice cream sundae.


Note: this was the only picture we’ve ever taken in costume where he feigned having a good time.


For some of us, Halloween isn’t the only time of year we dress up the critters. Many of our furry friends have walk on roles as our cosplay companions throughout the year, or our partners in crime for the latest movie releases. I mean, we can logically say that sometimes our pups are just as excited about the summer blockbusters are we are. Right?


With that said, here are the ten pets in the performance of a lifetime, cosplaying their favorite blockbuster characters.


Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

This might have been the “clever girl” Robert Muldoon was talking about in the Jurassic Park series.


Image Courtesy of Buy Costumes

The Pug of Steel saves the day again.


Image Courtesy of College Humor

Jinkies! Even with my glasses on, this pup looks just like the real deal. Someone give this guy a Scooby Snack.


Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

More like “E.T. bone home” am I right?


Image Courtesy of Radio Times

Hairy Paw-ter and the half pug mix.


Image Courtesy of Costume Express

Dewback with a Sandtrooper rider.


Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Toothless, the nightFURRY.


Image Courtesy of I09

Let’s see Luke Skybarker take down this AT-AT.


Image Courtesy of Costume Works

The cold never bothered them as much as these Frozen costumes do.


Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Gand-ARF the Grey stars in Lord of the Fleas, and the fellowship of the ringworm.

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