The Perfect Valentine’s Day Collar- Mia Dog Collars

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Right before we left town for Christmas Break, we received a wonderful collar from Mia Collars. I have been dying to review this gorgeous thing and now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, it is the perfect time to do so.

Mia handcrafted dog collars are made on leather base with mixture of Gemstones, Pearls, Swarovski elements and Crystals. They are inspired from the unconditional love from her girls Boni, Mili and Bella.

Pug Valentine's Day Collar 2

The collar we got is on a red leather base. It’s got some really cute white and red snowflakes on them and white, silver and red beads. There are three things that I specifically like about this collar. I have many collars that have been sent to me over the years and that my mama has bought for me too. Most of them are too big for my little neck. The thickness of this collar is just perfect for my first. Additionally, this leather collar is very easy to use. It took a second for me to put it on and the belt holes are very well made. Moreover, I sometimes find collars that have trinkets on them to be itchy and was not sure how this one would turn out. Well, it turned out amazing! I wore it for a couple of hours as we did this photo shoot and plan to wear it again during Valentine’s Day with no problems!

Pug Valentine's Day Collar 3

I was also impressed by the customer service provided by Mia Collars. We ordered this before Christmas and went for a month long break. Bojana was super considerate of our situation and kept touching base with me to ensure that I had a good experience at her store. 🙂 Pug Valentine's Day Collar 4

So boys and girls, if you need to make your cuteness stand out EVEN more, head on over to Mia Collars. Use the coupon code BunkBlog at checkout for a $5 discount, specifically for my readers. 🙂 I am sure the trinkets that you pick up with help you pick up the love of your life for Valentine’s Day. I’ve already asked papa to be my Valentine, so I’m covered. Are you worried about mama? That woman has nothing on me! Pug Valentine's Day CollarThanks, Mia Collars, for giving me such a beautiful collar! I am sure you will see me posing with this on for years to come.

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