Unquestioned Loyalty


We did not know Robin Williams, but he certainly appeared to love his pug, and for that we love him.

robin williams pug

For pure loyalty there is nothing like a pug.

-Robin Williams

We were all really sad to hear about the death of comedian Robin Williams. While Mr. Williams certainly had his struggles in life, we hope that his tragedy will help remind all of us how to appreciate life and loved ones. Additionally, not every decision made is well understood -even by the individual making it. Wealth, fame, and even a loving pug could not keep Mr. Williams on this earth. Therefore it is important to remember that even those who seemingly have everything may be vulnerable to the darkness of mental illness or substance abuse. Never be afraid to lend a hand or to reach out for one.


  1. Bunk, you are so right about everything. We need to (1) everyday remind those we love that WE LOVE THEM; (2) contribute to research into mental illnesses like depression and substance abuse; and (3) be kind and understanding.
    Pug Hugs
    Love Noodles

  2. Sarge’s Mom here…
    Robin Williams was my favorite celebrity of all time. I have been horribly sad about his death and I don’t normally pay much attention to Hollywood. He was so incredibly gifted and warm and generous. I know lots and lots of his standup jokes/movie lines/etc by heart. I think he was a genius and a national treasure. And, he owned a pug too! 🙂 Your sweet post makes me feel a little better. Noodles posted about him yesterday too.
    Sarge’s Mom Lori

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