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This is the archive for all of our posts that do not fit easily in other categories. In this archive you will find a lot of posts with pictures; posts featuring information about contest and giveaways; and daily musings and short posts about current events and how they relate to dogs.

Blog IMG_0622

How many do you see? Give me more food and I’ll keep you entertained. Thanks! 

Blog IMG_0902

I’m being accused of making the car smelly. Have you ever seen a passenger cuter…

Blog IMG_0779

The dog days of summer are gone. Now we’re back to using humans as pillows.…


In the name of teeth cleaning, they drug you up, take absolutely advantage of you…

Blog Bunk tongue

Happy National Dog Day everyone! I hope everyone out there has had the opportunity to…

Blog Bunk at the Vet

Bunk loves his family at Banfield. They’ve been with him for the past three years…

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