Australian Shepherd


australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd 101

The Australian Shepherd Dog was bred on the ranches of western United States. Although the name states otherwise, this dog is actually NOT Australian. They have become very well known since World War II since they have appeared in many movies, rodeos, horse shows, etc. For many years, they have been deeply valued because of their versatility and their trainability. They are quite intelligent dogs that make a great farm dog and house pet.

Australian Shepherd Personality

The Australian Shepherd Dog is typically very energetic and requires a great deal of exercise and attention from their owners. This does differ from one dog to the next and some could be very calm and easy going. They are also one of the only breeds that are known for ‘smiling’ by baring their teeth! The Australian Shepherd dogs LOVE working, whether that means to learn new tricks or to practice them.

Australian Shepherd Considerations

It is important to know that the Australian Shepherd Dogs are very kind, loving and devoted to those who they know but may show reservation and cautious guarding behavior in front of strangers. They are very loyal to their owners and this is where the guarding behavior comes from. This makes it very important to properly train them and socialize them from a very early age.

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