Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog 101

The Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large dog breed that was bred in the Swiss Alps. They used to accompany alpine herders or dairymen and have for long been used as a general farm dog. They were also used at times as draft animals that pulled carts. The Bernese Mountain dog might look like a big baby but they can also be work buddies. In addition to that, they also serve as great house pets to loving families.

Bernese Mountain Dog Personality

The Bernese Mountain Dogs should not be aggressive, anxious or distinctly shy when trained and socialized properly; instead, they should be good-natured, self-assured, and placid towards strangers. They are also supposed to be docile. It is important for an experienced trainer to help the Bernese Mountain Dog understand how to respond in a variety of situations.

Bernese Mountain Dog Considerations

Although the Bernese Mountain Dogs are well-behaved around the house, they are in dire need of daily exercise and outdoor activity. They are, after all, working mountain dogs. They do not have a great deal of endurance but they love to run around for a while and are suitable for people who have fenced in yards and are also willing to take their dog on hikes, brisk walks, etc.

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