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Border Collie 101

The Border Collie is a very popular dog that was actually bred to be a herding dog. They were bred to really herd livestock, especially sheep. Border Collies are very social and make amazing family pets for people who like to live active lifestyles. They are energetic and need to be exercised at great length to keep their working mind stimulated and healthy. You can take them on six-mile runs, hikes, and even on swims!

Border Collie Personality

The Border Collie breed has been ranked by Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence in Dogs as a very intelligent dog breed. .In January 2011, a Border Collie was reported to have learned 1,022 human words and be able to act on human commands given by the usage of these words. Since the Border Collie is such an intelligent dog, if they are not given enough mental stimulation they are known to chew holes, bite furniture and dig holes.

Border Collie Considerations

One thing to remember always is that the Border Collie was bred as a herding dog and might still be feeling the urge to herd. This is why they sometimes try to herd small children, other animals and even other dogs. In fact, this tendency is the number 1 reason why Border Collies are given up every year (people not being able to exercise them enough being the second) so please take these into account as you think of adopting or buying one.

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