Boston Terrier



Boston Terrier 101

Boston Terriers are known to be a very lively and highly intelligent breed of dog. They are very active and love to play around with their humans and other canines alike. Boston terriers are very devoted dogs who are sensitive to their owners’ moods and wishes. They might be well-mannered indoors but this does not keep them from being saucy and playful when they are outdoors!

Boston Terrier Personality

Boston Terriers are very gentle dogs that known how to be the life of the party. They are extremely intelligent and can be well-mannered when trained well. Often times, when they lack proper training, Boston terriers can become quite moody with other dogs. This means that they need to be socialized with other dogs from an early age. Boston terriers can get along well with children and make good watchdogs.

 Boston Terrier Considerations

Boston terriers do not like being teased or made fun of. This is why if a Boston is to be home with a child, it is important that the child understands to leave the Boston terrier alone when he or she is eating and to not pull or push them around. Boston terriers can also become quite possessive, which can lead to dog aggression, unless dealt with from a very early age. They might have a high prey drive like other terriers.

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