Bull Terrier


Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier 101

Bull Terriers belong to the terrier family. They have large heads that are shaped like eggs and small eyes that are shaped like triangles. Their bodies are full and round. Bull Terriers look very muscular with their robust shoulders and their strong snout. These dogs are known for being very courageous and active. They love to be around people. Bull Terriers are known as the ‘gladiators of the canine race’.

Bull Terrier Personality

The Bull Terriers are very intelligent dogs that need to be trained well. When they are around other animals, it is important to always act with caution. Since the Bull Terriers have a very strong prey instinct, if not trained well or if teased/excited they can cause plenty injury to humans and other animals alike. This makes it important to socialize Bull Terriers with other animals from an early age and always keep a close eye on their actions.

Bull Terrier Considerations

While the Bull Terriers love to be around people, they can be very strong-willed and stubborn at times. This is why it is important for them to have an assertive owner who is experienced and will provide them with a lot of strategic training. It is recommended that Bull Terriers not be adopted into homes that have small children. It is also recommended that first time dog owners do not get Bull Terriers.

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