Dalmatian 101

Dalmatian is a dog breed that hails from Croatia. They are very notable because of the dog breed’s unique black or liver spotted coat. They were bred to be carriage dogs in the early days. Today, the Dalmatian is a very well-loved family pet that also love to participate in movies and kennel club competitions. They have also been used as rescue dogs. Dalmatians do very well in active families.

Dalmatian Personality

Throughout history, and even today, Dalmatians remain a friendly and loyal breed to those who they trust. That being said, they were used as dogs of war to guard the borders of Dalmatia and to this day retain a high guarding instinct. They can often be aloof with strangers and unknown dogs. They also have a strong hunting instinct and are an excellent exterminator of rats and vermin. They must be trained to follow complex directions.

Dalmatian Considerations

The Dalmatian dog breed has a genetic predisposition for deafness which is a serious health problem. Only about 70% of Dalmatians have healthy hearing. Many also suffer bone spurs and arthritic conditions in their late teens. It is also notable that the Dalmatian fur lacks a lot of oil. This means that they don’t have the ‘dog smell’ and stay fairly clean with minimal grooming.

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