French Bulldog


Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldog 101

French Bulldogs are known for being extremely playful and affectionate. They truly are a proud breed that hales from English and France. While the French Bulldogs are an intelligent breed, they can have a very willful and stubborn nature that makes them hard to train. This means that you need to give them a little more rewards, lots of love and have tons of patience.

French Bulldog Personality

French Bulldogs are a very loyal breed that loves their human friends and wants to be their companion dog. They require close contact with their humans. French Bulldogs do not need vigorous exercises every single day. That being said, although your French Bulldog would love to be a home body, it is important to take them on daily walks because they are prone to weight gain.

French Bulldog Considerations

Given that French Bulldogs have a very compact airway, they are prone to having breathing problems. This can especially true in the summer months when French Bulldogs can easily suffer from a heat stroke. Since French Bulldogs were selectively chosen from dwarf examples of the bulldog breed, they can also suffer from a variety of back and spinal problems.

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