Maltese 101

The Maltese is a very gentle, well-mannered and affectionate toy breed of dog. They are eager to be around their humans and love to run around and be active. They are compact little dogs that take their job of being lap dogs very seriously. They thrive in environments where they receive tons of love and affection. They are very lively and playful. They are great for apartments, as well as for houses.

Maltese Personality

It is not recommended that the Maltese be put in households with very small children because this dog breed might snap at children who might not knowingly annoy them. At all times, adults should monitor playtime with the Maltese until children in the house learn how to behave around dogs. For this same reason, it is recommended that Maltese be socialized with small children and other dogs from a very young age.

Maltese Considerations

Because the Maltese is covered from head to toe in silky, white hair, it is important to regularly groom them to maintain their coat. Most people get their coats cut short to prevent any sort of matting but sometimes the show dogs might keep longer coats. Maltese are meant to be cuddle-buddies for their humans and sometimes suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

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