Mastiff 101

Mastiffs are described by the American Kennel Club as a dog breed that loves to be around people and are known to bond closely with his family. They are good-natured dogs who are also known for their courage and docility. Mastiffs were bred in England where they were used as watchdogs for more than two thousand years. Mastiffs are a very loyal and dignified dog breed.

Mastiff Personality

The Mastiff personality is such that these dogs are very protective, yet gentle. They are very good with children and mean well, but because of their sheer size might end up hurting a child without knowing it. They are not recommended for a house with small children unless they are always being closely supervised. Mastiffs are a protective, nurturing and patient breed.

Mastiff Considerations

Given their size, Mastiffs are not suitable for apartment living. They should be in a house where they can move around more freely. When in yards, they should always be fenced in because their protector instinct might make them want to chase away any nearby animals or human beings. For their own safety, it is better to just keep them fenced in. The Mastiffs are huge people pleasures and love to be with their families.

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