Newfoundland 101

Although the Newfoundland looks like a big, drooling stuffed toy, they are actually a very hard working dog breed. They were originally bred to work for fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland, Canada. They are very well known for their gigantic size, calm disposition, tremendous strength, and loyalty. Over the years, they have also become a loving family pet on top of being a working water dog.

Newfoundland Personality

Newfoundlands excel at water rescues and lifesaving because they have a very muscular build, webbed feet, a thick insulated double coat and amazing swimming abilities. They have a very sweet temperament. The Newfoundland has a very deep bark but can be trained to control if from a very young age. They are also great with children as long as they are being supervised (since they’re so big and might unintentionally hurt them).

Newfoundland Considerations

The Newfoundlands are heavy shedders. Every single spring and winter their undercoat will ‘blow out’ (meaning, shed heavily) and be replaced with a brand new coat. This makes Newfoundlands not the ideal dog for those who have severe allergies. Also, they are a gigantic dog that drools, snorts, snores, etc. and is not usually recommended for apartment living.

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