Papillon 101

The Papillon is a breed of dog that is related to the Spaniel breeds. They are one of the oldest of the toy spaniels and are described by the American Kennel Club as very small, friendly, elegant dogs with a fine bone structure. While they might have a dainty appearance, they are always up for a lot of action! They are also very intelligent and self-assured dogs that have an easy time learning new tricks.

Papillon Personality

Although Papillons can be very friendly with children and their own humans, they tend to be more reserved around new people. It is important to make sure that young children are not allowed to handle Papillons when they are not being supervised because they are more likely to get injured in a case where they intentionally or unintentionally teased or upset the dog. Papillons need to be socialized from an early age.

Papillon Considerations

If not properly socialized, the Papillons can become distrustful and aggressive towards other dogs and people. When properly socialized, this behavior can be changed to affection and playfulness. Papillons can be trained to be excellent companion dogs for active families that enjoy some exercise every single day but also love to cuddle up from time to time. They are great watchdogs because of their alertness of change in environment.

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