Pomeranian 101

Pomeranians are known for being short backed and compound with a dense undercoat and an outer coat with a harsher texture. They look like little fluff balls but don’t mistake them for a just a toy to cuddle with because Pomeranians like to lead a very active lifestyle. At the same time, they like to maintain a posh lifestyle since they’re used to being in the laps of royalty such as Queen Victoria from the 17th century.

Pomeranian Personality

Usually, the Pomeranians are a very friendly and lively dog. They love hanging out with their owners and also protecting them. They are usually very quick to bond and become close to their owners and thus, when left alone for long periods of time can suffer from serious separation anxiety. This is why they need to be trained to keep themselves busy through interactive toys or rest while they are alone (and should not be left for too long).

Pomeranian Considerations

Pomeranians are not known to have too many health problems. One thing to consider is since the Pomeranian dogs like to lead active lifestyles, they will need to find a place to take out that pent up energy. It is recommended to take them for a couple of brisk walks a day and for some longer walks a couple of times a week. It is also important to pay close attention to their grooming needs since they are such fluffy creatures.

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