Poodle 101

The Poodle is a very popular dog breed. They were originally bred in Germany as a type of water dog. They are very intelligent dogs that are skillful in many ways. Poodles are used in many dog sports and shows, and perform really well in agility, obedience and tracking training. They can even herd if taught to do so.

Poodle Personality

Poodles are known for their instinctive behavior. They have a high drive for marking and for hunting. This dog breed is classified as a ‘high-energy dog’ and needs to be able to get its energy out. This can be done through regular walks, runs and especially swims. When poodles are bored they can get into a lot of mischief, especially in the form of chewing on furniture and scratching on walls.

Poodle Considerations

Although Poodles look like balls of fluff, and seem to be the enemy of all those who have severe allergies, Poodles are actually hypoallergenic dogs. This means that they are a dog breed that is more compatible with allergic persons because they do not shed as much. Dog breeds that shed less are more likely to be hypoallergenic, since the dog’s dander and saliva stick to the hair and are not released into the environment.

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