Portuguese Water Dog



Portuguese Water Dog 101

The Portuguese Water Dog is a working dog breed as classified by the American Kennel Club. They were originally bred in Portugal where they were taught to herd fish into the fishermen’s net or to retrieve lost tackler or broken nets. They also acted as couriers from one ship to another or from ship to the short. This makes them amazing swimmers and a great companion dog for an active family.

Portuguese Water Dog Personality

The Portuguese Water Dogs are known to make amazing companions. They are very loving yet independent dogs that can easily be trained in obedience and agility classes. Once they have been introduced to strangers and do not feel threatened, they are generally very friendly and enjoy being petted. When trained properly, this dog breed will stay at its master’s side and follow complex commands.

Portuguese Water Dog Considerations

Although the Portuguese Water Dog resembles somewhat of a mop, they are actually low shedding, hypoallergenic dogs. This means that they are good for persons and families with allergies. Their ability to follow complex commands and remain calm makes them amazing service dogs. They learn quickly and have long memories for names of objects, which make them great as hearing dogs, mobility dogs, and seizure response dogs.

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