Pug 101

The Chinese might not give as much importance to their royalty anymore, but the pugs still believe that they will always be royalty and make all humans their servants through the power of those bulging eyes, curly tails and smushed-in faces. This toy breed wins everyone’s heart through their sweet faces and huge, clownish personalities. In fact, they are often called the laughing stock of the internet.

Pug Personality

Pugs are extremely friendly dogs that love to be the shadow of their human beings. They have such huge personalities stuffed in their little bodies, they will melt your heart on a daily basis. They get along with other dogs and humans alike, which makes them terrible guard dogs. They are, however, moderate watch dogs who will ‘howl’ at an intruder (but might end up killing them with slobber instead).

Pug Considerations

Pugs were bred to have small snouts, which cause a lot of breathing problems for this breed. They tend to also overheat quite easily, which is why, it is important to keep a close eye on them, especially during the summer months. Because of their compact breathing passageways, many pugs will pant at all times. Pugs are very prone to obesity and owners need to be very strict on how much they feed their curly tails.

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