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Saint Bernard 101

The Saint Bernard is a giant working dog that hails from the Italian and Swiss Alps. They are very well known as rescue dogs and big, drooly babies. The average weight of a Saint Bernard is between 140 and 264 pounds or more. They have a double coat and resemble baby bear cubs on most days. Their heavy, hanging low eyes usually have tight lids and they love to use them to get attention at all times.

Saint Bernard Personality

Saint Bernards need to be socialized from a very young age, just like many of the large dog breeds. This is done to prevent fearfulness and also to prevent any aggression or territoriality in the dog breed. They are usually good with children but due to their sheer size, they should be supervised when they are around very small toddlers who can easily be run over by an excited Saint Bernard.

Saint Bernard Considerations

Overall, the Saint Bernard is a very affectionate and loyal dog breed. Since they are large in size, it is essential that they are trained and socialized well while they are still puppies. It can be difficult to train them when they become adults and an unruly Saint Bernard can present problems for even the strongest adults. This is why asserting control from the beginning of the dog breed’s training is essential.

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