Shiba Inu


Shiba Inu 101

The Shiba Inu are small and agile dogs that were originally meant for hunting. They look similar to the Akitas and are one of the oldest dog breed to still exist in the world today. The Shiba Inu is a compact and muscular dog that needs to be trained very well and socialized under very strict supervision from a very early age. If this is not done, sometimes they may display aggression towards other dogs.

Shiba Inu Personality

Since the Shiba Inus were bred to be hunting dogs, they have a high hunting and prey drive. They are supposedly best in homes that do not have other small dogs or young children but you can change that and make them get along with anyone and everyone with proper training and early socialization. They tend to get along quite well with cats as family pets. Interestingly, the Shiba Inu loves cleanliness and often will clean itself.

Shiba Inu Considerations

While the Shiba Inu must be trained well to keep their temperament stable, these extremely intelligent dogs are very easy to housebreak. In fact, in many cases they housebreak themselves because they feel the need to be clean. One specific characteristic of this breed is the Shiba scream, which is a high pitched scream that is produced when the dog is sufficiently provoked or unhappy.

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