Vizsla 101

The Vizsla is a dog breed that was originally bred in Hungary. Vizslas are known for being great hunting dogs that have exceled as sporting dogs. They were bred to hint fowl and upland game. They have an excellent nose and an outstanding ability to be trained. The Vizlas are rare in the sense that while they are brave hunting dogs, they are also patient and loyal household companions and family dogs.

Vizsla Personality

The Vizlas are known for being lively and gentle-mannered. They continuously demonstrate love, affection and sensitivity towards their families while still being fearless and protective of them. They quickly form bonds with their owners, which is why when they’re left alone for long periods of time, they will cry or whine. Vizlas have the capacity of being good guard dogs if they are trained properly.

Vizsla Considerations

It is important for Vizlas to have an experienced and patient trainer. If they are trained too harshly, their sensitive temperaments can be damaged severely. However, if they are trained too softly they will basically take over the entire training session and dominate the trainer by eating up all the reward treats without really doing anything purposeful. It is crucial to train them so that they can act accordingly in all situations.

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