Weimaraner 101

Weimaraners is a German dog that was originally bred for hunting. This breed was used by royalty for hunting large game such as boar, bear and deer. When the popularity of hunting large game began to decline, they were still used for hunting smaller animals such as fowl, rabbits and foxes. They are very athletic dogs who also do well in the water because they have webbed feet.

Weimaraner Personality

Given that they are so athletic, the Weimaraner breed needs to be exercised vigorously on a daily basis from a very early age. As hunting dogs, they need to be able to get their energy out. They have huge physical endurance and stamina which makes running and playing tiring games with this breed a requirement. They can easily wear out their owners which is why it is important to properly train to teach them how to calm down.

Weimaraner Considerations

Weimaraners need to learn how to control their behavior. This requires an owner who is patient and kind yet firm and consistent. They can be particularly excited almost to the point of being rambunctious during their first year and need to find ways to tame their hyper behavior. If the Weimaraner is not exercised properly, they can get bored easily and will chew on furniture and have tremendous behavior issues.

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