10 Spring and Summer Dog Care Tips

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10 Spring and Summer Dog Care Tips – More Than Just Not Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car!

-Guest post by bisketbaskets.com

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Spring Dog

The blue skies and sweet sounds of songbirds bring such smiles to our faces during Spring and Summer – and to our dog’s, too! If you live in a climate where Fall/Winter brings with it chilly temperatures and gray days, you know how wonderful Spring and Summer are. Yet, the warmer months bring with them special dog care tips that are essential in having a safe and happy summer, so come along with us as we discuss ten Spring and Summer dog care tips!

#1: Flea and Tick Care – Fleas do exist year-round, but chances are your dog is going to be seeing much more “outside time” in the warmer months. Schedule a vet appointment in the Spring to do a check-up on your dog’s health, as well as discuss flea and tick prevention options that are right for your dog.

#2: Keep Away From Machinery – Many of us spruce up our lawns and outdoor living spaces as the temperatures heat up, but make sure your dog is inside when using lawn mowers or hedge trimmers. Not only can the loud sound of machinery disturb your dog, but your dog’s natural sense of curiosity can get him or her in big trouble around machinery.

#3: Dogs Can Get Sunburned – It comes as a surprise to many dog owners that Fido can actually get sunburned, particularly if he has a light-colored nose or fur. Pick up dog-approved sunscreen from the pet store and follow the directions on the bottle when applying.

#4: Beware of Poisonous Plants – Evaluate the area your dog is permitted to play in outside. Take care to remove any poisonous plants or vegetation, including Azalea, Lily of the Valley, and mushrooms, to name a few.

#5: Bring Water To The Lake – Standing lake water is a ton of fun for your dog to play in, but bring a water bowl and a bottle of water for when your dog gets thirsty. Standing water can have bacteria or other dangerous particles in it, leading to digestive issues for your dog.

#6: Prevent Pool Access – If you have a pool on your yard or deck, purchase pool gates and a lock to ensure your dog can’t jump in the pool unsupervised. Although most dogs are water-friendly, a tired dog can easily drown.

#7: Use Pet-Approved Lawn Chemicals – Think about all the pesticides and lawn chemicals you use in the Spring and Summer. Would you taste your grass or plants? We didn’t think so. Instead, use lawn treatments that specifically say they are pet-friendly.

#8: Fireworks Aren’t Fun – Watching fireworks is fun for you and your family, but for your dog? Not so. Keep your dog inside during July 4th festivities, and turn up soothing music to help drown out the harsh sound of fireworks for your dog.

#9: Regulate Your Dog’s Outside Time – Dogs love to spend time outside, but in hot temperatures, it’s your job to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat. Limit your dog’s time outside dependent on the temperature, and be sure you have a water bowl outside for your dog, too.

#10: Vacationing With Fido – Unless your vacation spot would require you to “ship” Fido to the destination, bringing your dog along on a vacation that requires just a few hours of car travel, and has pet-friendly hotel or condos, is a great way to beat those “I miss my dog” vacation blues, and create some really great memories. Yet, remember to bring along your dog’s vet info, dog food and dog treats, dog bed, toys, collar, and leash. You want your dog to feel as much as “at home” as possible.

We’re excited at the prospect of yet another fun Spring and Summer! Now that you’ve heard our tried-and-true Spring and Summer dog care tips, we’d love to hear yours. Share your own dog care tips by leaving a comment on this post!

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