What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat

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What vegetables are safe for dogs?

As raw diets for dogs have become more and more popular, more dog owners have started to give their dog raw food, including fruits and vegetables. Raw and even cooked fruits and vegetables are great for dogs. They provide them with extra minerals and vitamins, and can be a quick meal, a snack, or even a treat. Fruits and vegetables are a great way to keep your dog healthy.

It is important for dog owners to know what vegetables can dogs eat. If you read the back of any kibble bag, you will see that it has some vegetables. The better the kibble brand, the more vegetables they like to put in their formulas because a certain amount of vegetable intake daily can help your dog’s nutrition in the same manner that it would help the nutrition of human beings. Of course, dogs are different than human beings and thus, they cannot eat every single vegetable we eat; nor can they eat the portion sizes we eat!

All this makes it very important for us to know what vegetables can dogs eat and in what amounts.

Pug potato.

Why Can Dogs Eat Vegetables?

Some people believe that dogs are carnivores and thus, should not be eating anything else but meat. Our vet tells us that dogs are omnivores, which means they can and do eat meat and vegetables. They are just like their relatives, bears! Therefore, once you know what vegetables can dogs eat, you can start implementing small portions into their diet!

Your dog will benefit from a diet that includes vegetables rich in digestible fiber, which helps maintain healthy weight, and phytochemcials, which help to prevent disease. Although a lot of them do try, many modern-day kibble and canned dog foods may lack the nutrients your dog needs.

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Dr. Ian Billinghurst, the co-founder of BARF (biologically active raw food), suggests that for good health a dog must eat as closely to a natural diet as possible, especially one that includes lots of vegetables. Commercial pet foods are often prepared from meats that are deemed “not fit for human consumption,” and highly processed and cooked commercial dog foods often lack many necessary nutrients.

Generally, you should include about 20 percent vegetables in your dog’s total daily food intake. Pet nutritionists suggest starting out slowly. Introduce raw vegetables into your dog’s diet by mixing them with his standard food, which will prevent gastrointestinal problems.

List of vegetables safe for dogs

Vegetables that dogs can eat into carrots, cucumbers, asparagus (even though it might make your dog’s poop smelly and green), green beans, fresh peas, spinach, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, regular potato (must be cooked and not fresh from the garden and raw), sweet potato, acorn squash (the latter two with a little cinnamon and nutmeg). During the holiday season, also feel free to give them butternut squash and pumpkin! Summer squash and zucchini are some cheap alternatives. Other vegetables that dogs can eat include beets, cabbage (yes, for St.Patrick’s day!), lettuce and even green bell pepper (with no seeds). Collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens and tomatoes are great as well.

If you are interested in a really cool dog biscuit made of kale, Sugar the Golden Retriever has some great information on a product called SPALE!

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  1. Abby Normal the Brindle Pug on

    Thanks! My Abby loves, loves, LOVES cucumber – she thinks it’s a treat. Carrots, however – she can’t stand them. Hates them. LOL

  2. I have 3 dogs, a pitbull puppy and two older Chihuahua mixes, and I give them all fresh veggies. As a vegetarian myself, I have lots of veggies in the house. I have found that our dogs like to try anything and especially anything that crunches. But while I do not blend, I cut everything into very small pieces. Baby carrots, broccoli, and yams are all favorites. If there is something new to add to the mix, cucumbers, asparagus, spinach, etc., they are very happy with that, too. As a treat, they occasionally get a small piece of fruit.
    I always stay away from onion, garlic, avocado,, tomato, raisins and btw chocolate, as I know these are known to have adverse effects, sometimes severe, in dogs. I always research before I try something new but there are many veggies that are good for them.
    My dogs are definitely not on a veggie diet, they eat plenty of meat too, but I find that as treats and for the health benefits, veggies are a great way to go. And they love them!

  3. My name is Montana Sky and I’m a 10-year-old Chihuahua. Mom’s been looking up what veggies I can eat and this site so far has been the most informative and what she’s found here on the subject of what’s safe for me to eat I like anyway. Mom’s always been worried about everything I gulp down as we share a lot of things. You know how I can be with my puppy girl eyes. Mom just can’t say no, but before mom gives me something she runs to look up whether it’s good or bad for me. What we both like about this site is that it gives why something is good or bad by explaining what happens in the body instead of just saying no this is bad for you. I’m glad mom found this site and we’ll be saving it. We’ll not only be eating well, but catch up on the latest dog stuff never before knew about. Thank you bunkblog.

    • Awesome….My name is Cookie n I’m a Chihuahua, my vet said that I have the same exact colorings of a blue healer. My mommy does the same for me….. Looks up everything that’s good for me to eat too……

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