5 Steps to Pet Odor Elimination You Should Know


Man’s best friend may also be stinking up the house, making it difficult to feel both comfortable and clean in the space. Although furry felines and four-legged pooches can be fun to have in the home and considered a part of the family, they can also leave a strong odor in the environment. To keep the area clean and eliminate any pet odor that may be lingering, there are a few steps to take to feel fresh again.

Sprinkle Baking Soda on the Carpet

One of the most common places that pet odor can settle is in the carpet where pets are known to sit, walk, and play. Their oils and dirt can naturally begin to rub off onto the fibers of the carpet and leave a nasty smell that is difficult to remove. To keep the home smelling clean, sprinkle a bit of baking soda onto the carpet and allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. You can then vacuum it up after it’s settled. This will work to absorb the odor for an effective way of cleaning each week.




Use an Air Filter
From pet dander to hair, there are several particles from your animal that are likely lingering in the air. An air purifier that contains a HEPA filter will eliminate particles in the environment to ensure that the air is void of all odors and is healthy to breathe. It will allow you to breathe easier and also avoid allergies that may develop due to contaminated air.
An air purifier should be used in specific areas of the home where the pet spends the most time in to ensure that clean air recirculates.

Wash Pet Toys

Pet toys are one of the main culprits of pet odor that is lingering in a home. It’s important to wash the items on a weekly basis due to the pet’s saliva and odor that can cling to the materials and rub onto other surfaces of the home. The pet toys should also be kept in a basket in a closet to prevent the items from smelling when left out.

Use Professional Cleaning Services

It can be easy to fall behind on proper cleaning of the home with a busy schedule and pets to care for. Hiring a professional cleaning service, like Golden Shine Cleaning Services, will offer deep cleaning that is more effective than doing it yourself due to high-quality cleaning methods and tools that are used. Hire a cleaning service to come into the home once every week or two weeks to ensure that the carpets are deep cleaned, the curtains are dusted, and the couches are sanitized for a space that isn’t overrun by your pets.

Clean the Bedding

Pets that are comfortable with their owners are likely to sleep on various areas of the home. From the residents’ bed to the pet’s own bedding, there are a number of places that can smell like the cat or dog. Wash all bedding once a week and limit the amount of time that the pet settles in on the fabric to avoid having to replace it sooner.
Although most people who own pets would rather have their extra family members in the home with them, the downside is the odor that can begin to linger after just a few days indoors. To keep the space welcoming to visitors and allow it to feel clean, there are a number of ways to reduce the odor that has developed with the right methods established on a frequent basis.

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