Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding

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Dog breeding- What is it?

Dog breeding is the name of the practice of mating two selected dogs with the intent to maintain their specific qualities and characteristics that are present in the parents. Usually, when dogs reproduce without any kind of human intervention, the characteristics of their off springs are determined through natural selection. That is not true for dog breeding. Dog breeding refers specifically to the artificial selection of dogs which are intentionally bred by their owners.

The definition makes dog breeding seem like an easy task but it is not. If you are not an experienced person and want to breed your dogs, the lack of experience can kill dogs in dog breeding practices. It is always important to do your research on dog breeding, know the different problems that may arise during the dog breeding period and to always know what your reaction will be when these things arise. It is just as important to understand that dog breeding can be extremely expensive, time consuming and even sometimes heartbreaking.

Dog Breeding- The reasons

As you think of dog breeding, be mindful of why you want to do it. Is it because you love dogs and want to improve the breeds themselves? That’s a great reason and you should do your research and look further into doing it. Your dog breeding intentions should never be just to increase the number of dogs in your household. Not to assume that this is your reasoning for breeding, but just to throw it out there—dog breeding is not the road to riches.

Dog Breeding- How to research

Dog breeding is not a casual undertaking. The American Kennel Association says that before you start off dog breeding, look into breed specific standards. The American Kennel Club has the definition for every single breed and talks about ways in which people should deal with specific canine health and training. They also state all AKC rules to abide by. They offer the most up-to-date information on canine health and also breed-specific videos with real-life examples. They are many other parent clubs that offer even more detailed information on each breed with illustrated standards for more in-depth research.

Another great way to learn more about dog breeding is by going to as many dog events as possible and watching dog events. It is helpful to see dogs in action and learn more about the dog breeds that you want to work with. Also, if you’re interested in dog breeding, it is helpful to attend meetings that are held by other dog owners and breeders so that you can learn as much as possible from them.
An awesome way to learn more about dog breeding is really by going to your nearest library and digging through the books that have information on canine health and breeding.


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    Thanks for this insightful post. While Molly my current dog is spayed we have considered getting a pure bred english bulldog to be her friend. Eventually I would love to breed the Bulldog but I have a lot more to learn as they can run into complications because of their large heads. Any tips you have for raising a bulldog would be greatly appreciated!

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