Do Beagles Shed?

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Do Beagles Shed – How to Resolve the Beagle Shedding Nightmare

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Beagle Temperament

Beagle Shedding 101

Yes, absolutely. Beagles shed. In fact, Beagles shed quite a bit. This is not surprising, however, because all dog breeds (except for the shaved ones) shed, and it is just a matter of how much exactly each breed is shedding.

Not every single Beagle will shed to the same amount. In general, Beagles are known to be moderate shedders. The amount of dog hair that a beagle sheds will depend on the amount of fur growth that it is experiencing. This growth rate can also depend on a variety of factors, such as genetics, nutrition and the environment that the Beagle is living in. All of these factors affect the amount that an individual Beagle sheds.

The Beagle shedding process is a way in which the old fur falls off of the Beagle and is replaced by a new fur coat. The new fur does not push out of the old hair. This process starts the day that the Beagle is born and will continue to go on throughout its life. Therefore, there is no start point or end point to this cycle of Beagles shedding.

Every Beagle has a medium coat (in comparison to other dogs in the community). They have what is called a double two. This is, as the name suggests, a two-layer coat. The outer layer, or the topcoat, is coarse or rough looking and feeling. The inner layer, or the undercoat, is very soft. This is the layer that acts as insulation for the Beagle and protects it from the weather conditions.

When Do Beagles Shed?

Beagles will shed more during the springtime. This is because the coat generally will grow thicker during the winter months, when the temperatures are cold and the dog needs more protection. Specifically, this happens during the daylight savings time change, when we lose an hour or two of sunlight. The lowering of the amount of sunlight is what triggers the Beagle to change its coat amount. The exact opposite change then takes place during the springtime when we slowly, but surely, recover the sunlight hours and have more hours of sun per day. The Beagle then sheds off the excessive coat because Mother Nature tells the dog’s body that they will not need that coat any more. Therefore, the environment has a huge affect on how much Beagles will shed.

Beagle puppy

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  1. We live in Chile in an environment similar to Monterey, CA. Our beagle recently started shedding a lot. We are in the spring heading into summer here. Your article makes sense to me but my stubborn Chilean wife thinks there is a problem. She uses one of those dog sweaters on our beagle and I do not agree with this. I grew up in central FL with seven dogs that slept outdoors and we never used these sweaters.
    I believe that the combination of the sweater and the spring climate is causing the shedding. If you can confirm my opinion, my wife will believe it.


    Dane Judd

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