Do Border Collies Shed?

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Do Border Collies Shed?

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Do Border Collies shed?

Border Collie Shedding 101

Yes, Border Collies shed. They are considered to be heavy shedders in the dog community. They have a double-coat, which means that there is a rough top coat and then an insulated undercoat which is soft and protects them from the water and weather. Twice a year, during the summer and the fall, the border collies will blow out their coat. This means that they will get rid of the entire undercoat and replace it with a brand new coat. It is amazing how much they shed at this time of the year! This has nothing to do with the seasonal change. It actually has to do with the amount of sun that they are able to get. When the weather changes in the fall and we get less hours of sunshine, the Border Collies shed a lot. When the weather changes in the spring and we get more hours of sunlight, the Border Collies shed a lot again because they are getting rid of their winter coat!

Managing Your Border Collie’s Shedding

There are certain things that you can do to make sure that you have your Border Collie’s shedding under control. First of all if your Border Collies shed, you should brush them down at least three to four times a week. Some people will brush their Border Collies down every single day. You can do this in your backyard, or even by putting them on a mat of some sort. We like putting them on training pads while we gather all the hair there. You need to be in a place where your dog feels most comfortable. You can also get some treats involved in the process to have your dog associate this experience with something that is pleasant and that they enjoy doing. Sometimes, we have seen people brushing their dogs down at the dog park as well!

Border Collie under tree

Of course, vacuuming your house three to four times a week is also essential in making sure that your border collie’s hair is not piling up. You can also keep a lint remover handy and roll it onto any furniture or upholstery that your Border Collies shed on.

Sometimes Border Collies shed because they are allergic to the food that is being fed to them or to one of their treats. If this is happening, you should also see them itching away more than usual. Take them to the vet because he or she should be able to do some simple blood work and find our what exactly your dog is allergic to. This way, you can either change the dog’s diet to take that thing out of their diet or you can provide them with some antihistamines to control their allergies. This will make the Border Collies shed less.

Border Collie on grass

At other times, Border Collies shed because they are being attacked by parasites such as ticks and fleas. Finally, Border Collies can also shed if they are not getting all the essential vitamins and proteins that they need to have. In this case, your vet can either help your change your dog’s food or they might be able to suggest a supplement that can help fill in for whatever is missing. if this is the case, it is again quite an easy fix!

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