Do Boston Terriers Shed?

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Do Boston Terriers Shed?

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Two Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier Shedding 101

Yes, Boston Terriers do shed. That being said, all dogs shed a certain amount, unless they happen to be one of the hairless breeds. In the dog community, Boston Terriers are actually considered to be low shedders since they do not shed as much when compared to other dog breeds.

Boston Terriers have a single-coat that is short. This is why they do not shed as much as dogs that have a double-coat. You might be wondering what the difference is. Dogs that have double-coats have a topcoat that is made of coarse hair and a undercoat that is so much smoother and is used to insulate themselves during the winter and keep them cooler during the summer months. These dogs will tend to BLOW OUT their entire undercoat twice every year. This happens once in the spring, when the weather gets warmer and we see the sun for more hours a day. They will then blow it out again in the fall, when the daylight savings time kicks in and we see the sun a lot less. This is when they shed it all out and make your house a hairy mess. All this is to say that if you think your Boston Terriers shed, you should still be very glad that they do not shed to the extent at those hairy fellows with the double-coat.

Boston Terriers actually have a shorthaired coat that also makes sure that Boston Terriers shed minimally.

Boston Terrier standing on grass

Boston Terrier Grooming Tips

Just because the Boston Terriers shed minimally, does not mean that they do not need to be groomed. It is important to make sure that you brush out your Boston Terriers on a regular basis. This will help in getting rid of the excessive dead hair that might be on their coat just waiting to shed! It is vital to brush them with a soft-bristled brush to not hurt the dog’s skin. Always remember to brush your dog in the direction of the hair growth, instead of trying to brush in the opposite direction. You do not want to tear out hair that the Boston terrier was not going to shed to begin with!

You should also vacuum your house on a regular basis to keep the Boston Terrier shedding hair at bay. You do not have to vacuum three times a week, as suggested for other breeds but there is a need to vacuum at least once a week. Finally, you can use puppy wipes to wipe them down regularly and keep some of that extra hair from reaching the ground.

If your Boston Terriers shed more than normal, it is important for you to take them to the vet. Sometimes, Boston Terriers shed because they are missing out on some of the vital minerals, vitamins and protein that they need to have in their food. Maybe it is time for a food change and you should always talk to the vet before making any changes to their food!

Boston Terrier smiling

Boston Terriers shed more than normal if fleas, ticks and other pests are attacking them. Their skin will be itchier and then will be shedding more. This is also because the pests are taking away their nutrition! Again, the vet can solve your problem faster than anyone else in this case.

Finally, it might be helpful to add an Omega-3 supplement to your dog’s diet to help them with the shedding. We use Nutri-Vet Shed Defense Natural Smoke Flavored Soft Chews with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, 5.3 Ounce Bag. We feed our pug one of these chews as a treat in the morning once every single day and it works well for him! You can even give your Boston Terriers a little bit of Benadryl to make sure that they are not allergic to something and that is causing the shedding.

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