Do Boxers Shed?

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Do Boxers Shed? – How to Resolve the Boxer Shedding Nightmare

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Boxer Shedding 101

Yes, Boxers do shed. Though boxers have a short coat, they do shed a little bit. They are considered light shedders. If you are a Boxer owner, you can expect to have hair some boxer hair on your bed where they lay, your couch where they lounge, your carpet where they play and your clothes where they rest their chin.

Boxers have the reputation of not shedding because they do not have long, furry double coats. Instead, they have a shorthaired coat that does not require any trimming or even clipping at any time. Their coats are tight and short, and often times very shiny. Depending on the boxer, the coat can vary from almost harsh to the touch to being smooth and silky! Their coats lay very close to their bodies. The boxers probably shed most hair when they are bathing. That being said, they should not be bathed too many times because that can remove their essential oils that come naturally to them and is important in maintaining their coat.

This happens especially when the weather changes from the warm to cold weather and then again from cold to warm weather. This is why you will see the most amount of boxer hair in the spring and then again in the fall. During the summer months, boxers shed because it is too hot for them to keep all that insulation around them. The exact opposite happens during the winter months and they grow some hair. This is, again, far less than what you would expect from a very furry dog like the German Shepherds of Golden Retrievers.

How to Manage Your Boxer’s Shedding

Sometimes, do boxers shed or not might depend on the kind of food that you are feeding them. Often times, they might be allergic to food that has too many grains or even corn in it. If this is the case, you will notice them shedding more than usual and you might even see some red spots or scabs (from them scratching!) appearing. If this happens, be sure to talk to your vet about changing the diet that your boxer is on.

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If your boxer sheds, you can vacuum your house about once a week to keep that hair at bay. You should also brush them out about once a week to remove all that dead hair and prevent it from getting all over your furniture. It might be a good idea to do the brushing in a yard or even just outside your house. That way, you don’t have to clean out all the extra hair or feel like it will blow away to other nearby places.

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