Do Brittanys Shed?

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Do Brittanys Shed?

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Do Brittanys shed?

Brittany Shedding 101

Yes, Brittanys shed. They are considered relatively low shedders in the dog community. This means that they do not shed as much as other dogs but they do shed enough for it to be noticed.

Now that you know that Brittanys shed, we can talk a little about some ways in which you can reduce this shedding or try to keep it under control. The most obvious thing that you can do is vacuum your house one or two times a week. If you are allergic to dogs, it might be worth it to get an allergen removing spray. We use a spray every two months that takes more allergens and dust off of the ground than the usual basic vacuuming.

Just like with clothes, you can also apply a lint remover to your furniture if you feel like your Brittanys shed all over the place. This can be a quick fix that you do a couple of times a week to keep your Brittany’s shedding hair from piling up.

Since Brittanys shed only a little bit throughout the year, you can brush them twice a week with a slicker brush to keep their shedding under control. When you brush Brittanys, you are taking out all the dead hair that has already been separated from their skin and is waiting to fall off. If you brush it off, you are going to keep that hair from shedding all over your house, furniture, and clothing.

Managing Your Brittany’s Shedding

It is also recommended that if your Brittanys shed, you give them a supplement that has some Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in them. These will help keep the shedding to a minimum. You can find these supplements in fish oil products, such as treats, pills or sprays. If you feed just a little bit to your Brittany every single day you can keep their coat healthy and their shedding to a minimum.

Brittany looking up

Finally, if your Brittany sheds more than usual, it might be the case that they are not getting all the vitamins and nutrients that they need. In this case, you can talk to your vet about prescribing a different diet for them. Sometimes, your Brittany might shed more often because ticks or other fleas are attacking them. In this case, you (again) need to go see your vet so that they can take care of it for you. You will know that this is the case if you see them feeling weaker, being less active than usual and scratching themselves a lot. Additionally, sometimes your Brittany will shed because they are allergic to something or the other. This can be solved easily through a change in diet.

If your Brittany is shedding more than they normally do, you can also buy a FURminator or have then FURminated at the groomers. This is a tool that is used to remove dead, shedding hair.

Brittany in front of grass

One thing you do not want to do is bathe your Brittany too much. This will not keep the Brittanys from shedding. It will actually just remove their essential oils, make their skin itchy and make the Brittanys shed more often.

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  1. I have a Brittany Spaniel 4 in nov
    and we are feeding him Medical
    dog food Best

    which is expensive but since gettiing Duke at 4 months old and also we had stomach problem so we put the dog on this food
    He sheds so much I am a cleaner but trade and he is brushed daily -$115 per 15 kg bag well looked after. Thanks for all the help so far but need other tricks thanks from mary

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